Reading Pre Test

Reading Comprehension Test

Time: 55 minutes

This section of the test measures your ability to understand the meaning of words and to comprehend written materials.

Directions: The remainder of this section contains several passages, each followed by a number of questions. Read the passages and, for each question, choose the one best answer-(A), (B), (C), or (D)-based on what is stated in the passage or on what can be inferred from the passage. Then fill in the space on your answer sheet that matches the letter of the answer that you have selected.

Read the following passage:

What is the main topic of this passage?

(A) Birds that live in colonies
(B) Birds’ mating habits
(C) The behavior of birds
(D) Territoriality in birds

The passage mainly concerns the territories of birds. You should fill in (D) on your answer sheet.

According to the passage, male birds defend their territory primarily against

(A) female birds
(B) birds of other species
(C) males of their own species
(D) mammals

The passage states that “Male birds defend their territory chiefly against other males of the same species.” You should fill in (C) on your answer sheet.

As soon as you understand the directions, begin work on this part.